What do Cowboys eat from the chuckwagon?

This is a nice picture of a cowboy cook with his chuck wagon. The photograph was taken in 1907 on a Texas Ranch. I don't know if you have ever had the chance to eat real cowboy cooking, but let me tell you that it is really good. I grew up on West Texas cowboy cooking. Cowboy food is not about living long, but living large. A chuckwagon like this one would likely be cooking up buttermilk biscuits prepared in a dutch oven on a campfire, beef, lamb, and goat slow cooked over oak coals, hard cured hams, pinto beans, cowboy coffee and even peach cobbler. The food is typically high fat, and high salt. You can bet that this cowboy is not serving up a salad with the meal he is preparing. 



Catherine said...

Thanks for this great info. It's a perfect amount for my six year old son who is right into Cowboys at the moment. Now we know a few things to cook for dinner this week! Thanks for your time :0)

Jb Bennett said...

My grandfather was a chunk wagon host in western Texas. He was a well to do Spainard, that lost his family's property to political thugs in Mexico. He came to Texas on foot, and became a prosperous shop owner after tending to chuck wagon parties of wealthy Texans. He would pull his wagon on hunts for deer and elk. He became likeable and was able to borrow on credit to build his business. He was wealthy and gave away most of his fortune before his death.

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