National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

1928 World Series Rodeo Contestant signature card of Cowboy Morgan Evans
The National Cowboy Museum & Western Heritage Museum offers many educational opportunities. It is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Here you celebrate the contributions of men and women of the American West including explorers, Native American leaders, writers, poets and politicians.  See the world's largest collection of American rodeo, photographs and saddlery.

The Museum includes three Halls of Fame, including The Hall of Great Westerners for actual people who lived through the frontier era to present. Other halls include the Hall of Great Western Performers, for actors, and the Rodeo Hall of Fame. 
There is so much to see here so i will just focus on 1 part the Hall of Great Western Performers a large exploration of interpretations of theWest in books and movies.  film. It includes the John Wayne collection of personal firearms, artwork, and memorabilia.
 Hands-on activities have been incorporated into educational programs for elementary school children, while junior and high school students enjoy a guided tour of the Museum.

Reservations are required for all group visits.
Helpful info when planning your field trip: National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum School


The Adventurer said...

Oh I am putting this on my list of home school activities to do. Great learning place for when we study Western expansion:) thanks for sharing

Diane said...

What fun! I must put this on my list of things to see!

Valda Garner said...

Hi! This is such a great site; thanks for compiling a wonderfully romatic time in our country's history.

Morgan & the lil' man Landon said...

Cowboy Morgan Evans is my grandfather.

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