Deadwood Dick

"If a man can't go out in the blaze of glory, he can at least go with dignity."

Nat Love, also known as Deadwood Dick (1854–1921) was an African American cowboy following the American Civil War. Love's autobiography, the Life and Adventures of Nat Love, was published in 1907. William Loren Katz describes it as "the only full-length autobiography by an African-American cowhand".
Life and Adventures of Nat Love, Better Known in the Cattle Country as "Deadwood Dick," by Himself; a True History of Slavery Days, Life on the Great Cattle Ranges and on the Plains of the "Wild and Woolly" West, Based on Facts, and Personal Experiences of the Author

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Diane said...

Here in Alberta, we have our own black cowboy. John Ware. He owned a ranch in Southern Alberta that is an historic sight today. My uncle actually owned that ranch after the death of Mr. Ware. (The ranch is called the 'Nigger John Ranch' officially.

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