Native American Time Line during "Wild West"

1821 * American Government starts moving Creek, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw and Seminole to the west of the Mississipi.
1830 * Indian Removal Act is passed.
1834 * "Indian Territory" created by Congress.
1835 - 1842 * Second Seminole War.
1864 * Sand Creek Massacre.
1876 * Battle of  Little Bighorn where Lakota defeated George Custer.
1877 * Cheif Joseph leader of Nez Perce surrenders.
1890 * Massacre at Wounded Knee.
1886 * Geronimo surrenders.
1889 * Beginning of the Ghost Dance
1924 * Native Americans granted citizenship and voting rights.

Colour plate of painting 1902 by E. Irving Couse, A. N. A.; The Historian; The Indian Artist is painting in sign language, on buckskin, the story of a battle with American Soldiers. When exhibited at the National Academy this picture was considered one of the most important paintings of the year. See if you can find the sign of the Indians, the United States Calvalry and the officer in command. The dots he is making are "bullets." See the arrows.

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